Today’s Phrase in Japanese. 日本語での今日のフレーズ。

Hello everyone! 皆さんこにちは!

Today’s Japanese phrase of the day is one you can use in numerous social situations. It is the phrase “Sumimasen” (すみません). すみません is an expression of apology much like the English phrase “I’m sorry” or “excuse me”. It is also frequently used to attract someone’s attention or express appreciation. In the latter case “thank you” is a closer English equivalent. Here is an example on how to use this phrase.

Maeda is waiting for the train and needs to know what time it is. Unfortunately, she forgot her watch at home so she decides to ask a stranger.


Maeda: Sumimasen. Ima nan-ji desu ka?

Mishiranuhito: Eeto, ni-ji desu.

Maeda: Soo desu ka? Arigatoo gozaimasu.


まえだ: すみません。いまなんじですか?

みしらぬひと: ええと、にじです。

まえだ: そうですか?ありがとうございます。


前田: すみません。今何時ですか?

見知らぬ人: ええと、二時です。

前田: そうですか?ありがとうございます。


Maeda: Excuse me. What time is it now?

Stranger: Umm, it’s 2 o’clock.

Maeda: Is that so? Thank you very much.

I hope this is helpful! Remember if you have any questions on this or any other topic I cover you can always email me at or leave a comment below


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