Today’s Phrase in Japanese. (Guidelines) 日本語での今日のフレーズ。(ガイドライン)

Hello everyone! 皆さんこにちは!

Today I thought it’d be a good idea to go over a basic phrase in Japanese. FIrst, I wanted to tell you how I will set it up. I will give you an example of a conversation between two people. First I will write it in romaji.

Romaji is the transcription of Japanese using the English alphabet. In Japan the only words you see written in romaji are station names (for the sake of foreigners), trademarks, and ad catchphrases. I will only be using it as an aid for beginning students. I will stop using it once we have covered more of the Japanese characters. Please be sure you study so you don’t fall behind. 。◕‿◕。

Next I will write the conversation in hiragana and katakana (if katakana is needed). Then if there are kanji associated normally with the phrase I will write it was well. Finally I will translate the phrase into english.

Here’s an example on how to say formally “Good morning.” and “How are you?”:


Haruna: Ohayoo gozaimasu.

Yuka: Ohayoo gozaimasu. O-genki desu ka?

Haruna: Ee, genki desu.

(Hiragana ひらがな)

はるな: おはようございます。

ゆか: おはようございます。おげんきですか?

はるな: ええ、げんきです。

(Kanji 漢字)

はるな: おはようございます。

ゆか: おはようございます。お元気ですか?

ゆか: ええ、元気です。

(English 英語)

Haruna: Good morning.

Yuka: Good morning. How are you? (lit. Energetic?)

Haruna: (Yes,) I am fine.

I hope everyone understands how the phrases will work! Please remember to practice and if you have any questions on this or any other topic please feel free to email me at colormeindie@ or leave me a comment below.


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